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Incredible space, incredible value — an affordable Anguilla villa optionAnguilla Villas Beaches Edge Great Room

Anguilla doesn’t have any chain hotels or large all-inclusive resorts and rates for an Anguilla “mega villa”  can be astronomical. Renting Beaches Edge and its neighbor villa, Champagne Shores as an island “home base” is a creative and affordable lodging solution.  You’ll wow your friends and family and keep you the happy couple, happy.  View rates>

Buests Beaches Edge Anguilla

Close to all the best of Anguilla

The villas are an ideal jumping off point for guests to enjoy Anguilla’s pristine beaches, diving, snorkeling, thriving music scene and delicious restaurants. Or book our private chef, arrange for in-villa spa services or a private yoga session on the beach or villa terrace.  Our concierge can work with you to customize itineraries for everyone.

Fits any plan or guest list

We recently updated both villas to make the estate even more ideal for events.  New luxury pools were added to both Beaches Edge Villa and the villa next door.  There is also now more room for events, plus and a pergola that can be draped or decorated with florals. Both villas oceanfront lawns were also upgraded with lush, “always-green” turf. Hold your wedding at one and add the second villa for more lodging.

Book both villas for your event, then send everyone home and keep one as a secluded honeymoon hideaway. Book one villa the week before and then add the second villa when guests arrive.

Anguilla Villas Beaches Edge for Rent dr 3000

House the bride’s side in one villa and the groom’s family in the other, or group families with kids together. Parents will appreciate being able to put the kids to bed, while they stay up and enjoy the party.  And our concierge can arrange childcare at the villas if your event is adults only.

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