Anguilla restaurants & dining, the best in the Caribbean

Anguilla restaurants are world-renowned for amazing fresh food and culinary expertise. There are over 100 Anguilla restaurants ranging from beachside shacks and roadside trucks to elegant award-winning, 5-star restaurants.  Anguilla seafood redefines “freshly caught,” practically jumping out of the water onto your plate, and the vegetables are locally grown with no pesticides, additives or preservatives.

And while Anguilla’s food is always a 10, even the island’s top restaurants don’t expect you to dress to the nines. At most sit-down Anguilla restaurants, shoes and shirts/coverups are usually requested and bathing suits frowned upon, but a jacket and tie are not necessary unless you’re in the mood to dress up.

It’s hard to choose Anguilla’s top restaurant. Beaches Edge general manager, Neil, is personal friends with many of the chef/owners around the islands.  Many of these Anguilla culinary artists, can be booked to cook for you at your Beaches Edge villa.  Neil or our concierge are happy to offer recommendations and make introductions.  Be sure to mention Beaches Edge and Neil when you go out to eat at Anguilla restaurants!

Our favorite Anguilla restaurant? A private chef at Beaches Edge Villas!

What could be more luxurious than five-star dining in the privacy of your own oceanside villa! Dale Carty, executive chef at Anguilla’s popular Tasty’s restaurant, is a close friend and handles much of the chef service and catering for Beaches Edge. Enjoy Dale’s amazing dishes under the stars at your villa.  It’s like having your own private Anguilla restaurant where you are always guaranteed the best table in the house! Dale will work with you to select a menu and then he takes it from there. You won’t have to lift a finger, stir a pot or clean a dish. Just enjoy the pampering and delectable  food and wine.  More about our private chef service>

Straw Hat, Anguilla

Straw Hat on beautiful Meads Bay Beach should be on your list of restaurants to try. The restaurant is owned by Peter & Anne Parles. In 1996, the couple left their high powered jobs in New York and Connecticut and started Straw Hat. You’ll find Straw Hat featured in numerous magazines and newspapers and it was named to Conde Nast Traveler’s ”Hot List” as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world and as one of Caribbean Travel & Life’s favorite restaurants.   In addition to its restaurant, Straw Hat offers beach service and can accommodate weddings and other events up to 120 guests. We recommend the snapper!

Dinner reservations only – reserve well in advance if you want a front beach-facing table!

Meads Bay, Anguilla | (264) 497-8300 |

Tasty’s, Anguilla

Dale Carty, a friend of Beaches Edge Anguilla’s owner Neil Freeman and also who we use for our private chef service at Beaches Edge, was born and raised on Anguilla, moved up the ranks in a high-end hotel on the island before heading to France to refine his culinary studies. In 1999 he founded Tasty’s, growing it from a small café to the well-loved restaurant it is today. Dale’s Marinated Conch Salad and Coconut Crusted Fish are favorites with locals and visitors. Dale has won numerous awards and is frequently lauded for his skills in culinary and travel magazines. Per Dale, the secret is all in the special sauces and seasonings!
Live Music on Saturday Nights.

South Hill | (264) 497-2737 | |

Veya, Anguilla

Owned by our friends, long-time restaurateurs and Pennsylvania natives Chef Carrie and Jerry Bogar, this “treehouse” in Anguilla’s Sandy Ground is considered one of the best. The restaurant opened in 2006 and offers what the Bogars call “cuisine of the sun,” a fusion of exotic flavors from hot spots around the globe. Veya has earned rave reviews from The New York Times, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine and The London Times. Frommers calls it, “one of the best.”

Sandy Ground | 498-VEYA (8392) |